Adding a QRadar Proxy authentication token to access QRadar dashboards

You can view IBM® QRadar® data in the QRadar dashboards and other dashboards with QRadar data. Your QRadar Proxy administrator creates a configuration to specify which QRadar deployment you can connect to before you can access the QRadar Proxy app.

Before you begin

After your QRadar Proxy administrator configures QRadar Proxy for your account, you must set a valid authentication token so that you can connect to QRadar.


  1. Go to Menu > Connections > QRadar Proxy, and select the deployment that you want to connect to.
  2. Enter your QRadar user authentication token, and then verify that the connection is successful by checking the Status for QRadar APIs in the navigation pane. If you can't find your token, contact your QRadar administrator for details.
  3. Click Save and confirm your connection status in the navigation pane.