The Workflow is an XML document that describes the event retrieval process. The Workflow defines one or more parameters, which can be explicitly assigned values in the Workflow XML or can derive values from the Workflow parameter values XML document. The Workflow consists of multiple actions that run sequentially.

When you run the Workflow, the parameter values are added to the State, and the State can then be accessed and changed by actions as the Workflow runs.

The following table shows the Workflow attributes.

Table 1. Workflow attributes
Name Description Required
name The name of the Workflow. Yes
description The description of the Workflow. No
version The version of the Workflow. Yes
minimumRecurrence The minimum recurrence allowed for a Workflow in seconds. You can set this attribute for APIs that have a minimum amount of time between requests. No


Use the Workflow actions to access the parameter values. Parameters mostly consist of authentication credentials, but can be used for anything that you want the user to configure. The following table shows the Workflow parameters.

Table 2. Workflow parameters
Name Data type Description
name String The name of the parameter. The name must match the corresponding name value in the parameter values XML.
label String The display name of the parameter.
description String The description of the parameter.
required Boolean Indicates whether the parameter is required.
secret Boolean Indicates whether the parameter is confidential, for example, a password.
default String The default value of the parameter. If you don’t enter a value for this parameter in the parameter values XML, the default value is used.

XML Example

This example shows a workflow example that requires a host with a username and password, where <x> is the version of the workflow schema that you are using.

<Workflow name="Test" version="1.0" xmlns="<x>">
        <Parameter name="host" label="Host" required="true" />
        <Parameter name="username" label="Username" required="true" />
        <Parameter name="password" label="Password" required="true" />