Creating pairing code

Your Edge Gateway is installed on a virtual machine in your environment. You must pair the platform account with the Edge Gateway when creating the Edge Gateway. The pairing enables a connection between the the platform account and the Edge Gateway.

Before you begin

You must have Admin permissions for Edge Gateway Management to create the pairing code.

About this task

From the Edge Gateway settings, you generate code to pair the Edge Gateway with the platform account. You are prompted to paste this information when creating the Edge Gateway. Enter a unique name and description for the Edge Gateway.


  1. Log in to the platform account that you want to pair with an Edge Gateway. The account must have Admin permissions for Data sources from General settings > Manage users.
  2. From the platform, select Menu > General settings > Connections > Edge gateway.
  3. Click Add Edge Gateway.
  4. Enter a name for the Edge Gateway, and optionally a description, and then click Add Edge Gateway. Pairing code is now displayed on the screen. You need this later when you are creating the Edge Gateway.
  5. Copy the pairing data and save it.

What to do next

Proceed to create the Edge Gateway and use the pairing code, as described in Creating an Edge Gateway. If you lose the pairing information, you can regenerate it. You can regenerate it by clicking the ellipsis button under the Edge Gateway, and selecting Renew. Do not regenerate the pairing information for an active Edge Gateway. If you regenerate the pairing code for an active Edge Gateway, you must recreate the Edge Gateway instance by using the manageAppHost install command, as described in Creating an Edge Gateway.