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Replaces all regex matches with another string.


replace_regex(text,regex, rewrite)


  • text: A string.
  • regex: The regular expression to search text. The expression can contain capture groups in parentheses.
  • rewrite: The replacement regex for any match made by matchingRegex. Use \0 to refer to the whole match, \1 for the first capture group, \2 and so on for subsequent capture groups.


source after replacing all matches of regex with evaluations of rewrite. Matches do not overlap.

See also


range x from 1 to 5 step 1
| extend str=strcat('Number is ', tostring(x))
| extend replaced=replace_regex(str, @'is (\d+)', @'was: \1')


x str replaced
1 Number is 1.000000 Number was: 1.000000
2 Number is 2.000000 Number was: 2.000000
3 Number is 3.000000 Number was: 3.000000
4 Number is 4.000000 Number was: 4.000000
5 Number is 5.000000 Number was: 5.000000