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count_distinct() (aggregation function)

Counts unique values specified by the scalar expression per summary group, or the total number of unique values if the summary group is omitted.

To count only records for which a predicate returns true, use the count_distinctif aggregation function.


count_distinct (Expr)


Name Type Required Description
exp scalar A scalar expression whose unique values are to be counted.


Long integer value indicating the number of unique values of Expr per summary group.


This example shows how many distinct src_ip are associated to each unique event name

    | project name, severity, original_time, src_ip
    | where original_time > ago(24h)
    | where severity > 6 and isnotempty(name) and isnotempty(src_ip)
    | summarize SrcIpCount=count_distinct(src_ip) by Name=name
    | order by SrcIpCount desc
    | take 10


Name SrcIpCount
The processing of Group Policy failed 69049896
Content Protection Violation 3675644
Web Server Enforcement Violation 746333
Openfire Jabber server authentication bypass 69486
Deny protocol reverse path check 50203
Module Logging Command Invocation 32767
ThinkPHP Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 16729
Generic HTTP Cross Site Scripting Attempt 8192
WAN Acceleration Receive Event 4196
Adobe Products Violation 2048