Transferring data source connector configurations manually

IBM® Data Collector automatically transfers your data source connector configurations. If the configurations are not synchronized, transfer them manually. Transferring the configurations ensures that you can use the platform to configure the connectors that Data Collector collects.

About this task

You can use this method without connecting to the internet.

You don't need to transfer the configuration if the data source connector is Syslog. Data Collector doesn't require any additional configuration to collect Syslog data.


  1. On the Data Collector Management page, select the Data Collector that you are using, and from its options menu, click Export data source connector configuration.
  2. Enter a password for the export file, and then click Export.

    An encrypted configuration file downloads to your computer and is named dlc-config-<UUID>.json, where <UUID> is the identifier that is unique to the Data Collector instance.

  3. Log in to the Data Collector computer or VM as the root user.
  4. Copy the encrypted configuration file to the /tmp directory or your preferred location.
  5. Generate an import configuration file by running the following command:
    /opt/ibm/si/services/dlc/current/script/ -i dlc-config-<UUID>.json -o /tmp/logSources.json
  6. When prompted, enter the password that you specified for the encrypted configuration file.
    The following message appears after the import configuration file is successfully validated:
    Successfully validate log source file '/tmp/logSources.json'
    Tip: If the logSources.json file does not validate successfully, review the /var/log/dlc/logSources.log file for details. Fix any issues, and then run the validation script again.
  7. Copy the validated import configuration file to /opt/ibm/si/services/dlc/conf/.
    Tip: Back up the current logSources.json file so you have a version of the file that is saved elsewhere.
  8. Restart Data Collector by typing the following command:
    systemctl restart dlc