Upgrading QRadar Offenses Forwarder

To take advantage of new capabilities, defect fixes, and updated workflows, upgrade to new versions of QRadar® Offenses Forwarder. Use either the Extensions Management tool in IBM® QRadar.


  1. Log in to the QRadar console as administrator.
  2. From the Admin tab, click Extensions Management > Add.
  3. Click Browse, find and select the compressed .zip file that you downloaded, then click Add.
    The Validating Install message displays, then the installation details display.
  4. Click Install.
    The Installing Extension message displays.
    Important: If you see a Confirm installation message that the extension is not digitally signed, you can ignore the message and continue with the installation.
  5. On the page that prompts you to update the current app version, leave the Replace existing items option selected, and click Install.

    You might have to wait several minutes before your app becomes active. When the installation is complete, clear your browser cache and refresh the browser window before you use the app.