Upgrading the Edge Gateway

This upgrade procedure applies to both the virtual application and stand-alone formats of the Edge Gateway.

Before you begin

Before upgrading, verify the version of your Edge Gateway:
manageAppHost --version

Visit IBM Support Fix Central to acquire the software package.

About this task

If you are upgrading the Edge Gateway virtual application, the security updates and optional packages are included in the software package by default. However, you can select a different download option so that you can download each package separately.

Complete the following steps to upgrade. You must be logged in as the root user.


  1. Enter the following command to install the file that you acquired from IBM Security using the actual version number (typically in the format x.x.x) in the file name.
    bash apphost-<version>.run
  2. If you are upgrading the Edge Gateway virtual application, install the security updates:
    sudo bash apphost-appliance-security-update-<version>.run
  3. When your Edge Gateway environment is upgraded, upgrade your instances of Edge Gateway as follows:
    manageAppHost upgrade

    You are prompted to select the instances to upgrade or to upgrade all instances.


The Edge Gateway upgrade proceeds.