Managing an account

Use the account management page to edit account settings: name, and description. You can also see when the account was created and modified, or switch to another account to which you have access.

Before you begin

Understand the information in User access, roles, and permissions.

You must be an account configuration administrator to see the accounts management page in an account.

By default, IBM collects information from customer data to identify potential threats or malicious activity. Tracking the associated analytics helps IBM to improve the product and the user experience. Data source analytics participation is enabled for each account by default, but you can opt-out or opt-in by using the toggle on the account settings page. For more information about the service, see the IBM Service Description. For more information about how IBM is committed to protecting your personal information in compliance with the applicable data protection laws, see the IBM Privacy statement.

In all UI pages, depending on your account permissions, you can click the accounts arrow to view available accounts, or switch to another account. If you switch to another account, you are returned to the home page for that account.

About this task

To rename an account, choose a unique name and do not reuse the name of a deleted account. Account names must be at least 4 characters long.

In SaaS, IBM sets the identity provider.


  1. In the home page, click the Menu icon.
  2. Under General settings, click Account management.
  3. Click Edit account settings to access the follow options:
    • Edit the account name.
    • Edit the account description.
  4. Click Save changes.


See your changes in the account settings.