Creating users

Users who are listed as provisioned in the QRadar® platform can create more users.

Before you begin

You must have the Welcome email with details of your provisioned deployment. To create new users in your provisioned account, you must be listed in the Welcome email as a provisioned user.

The new users that you want to create must have an email address and an IBMid associated with their email address. Users can create an IBMid from Email addresses are case sensitive.

For more information about accounts and user permissions, see User access, roles, and permissions.

About this task

Your Welcome email includes links to IBM® Security Verify and your deployment. To add new users, complete the following tasks.
  1. Add the users in Verify, which is used for identify management.
  2. Add the users and assign permissions in the QRadar platform.


  1. Log in to your Verify instance using the URL provided in the Welcome email and selecting the Sign in with IBMid option. Enter your IBMid login credentials and add the new user in Verify:
    1. Click your profile and select Switch to admin.
    2. From the menu, select Directory > Users & groups, and then click Add user.
      Image that shows how to add a user
    3. From the Identity source menu, select IBMid.
    4. In the User name and Preferred e-mail fields, enter your IBMid email address. The other fields are optional.
    5. Click Save.

    The user is created inVerify for identity management purposes and you can set up the user in your deployment.

  2. Log in to the QRadar platform with the product deployment URL provided in your Welcome email. From the home page, click Settings > Manage users.
    1. From the Manage users page, click Add user.
    2. In the Name or Email address field, enter and then select the user's email address.
    3. Click Add user.
      Tip: You can create multiple users at the same time.
    4. Select the newly create user and assign permissions. For more information about permissions, see Adding or removing users in a single account.


The following demonstration shows an example of the end-to-end flow of how to create a sample user in Verify and then create and assign permissions to the user in the QRadar platform. This example starts from the Admin page in Verify. You must click your profile and select Switch to admin when you log in to Verify and then click Directory > Users and groups.

Tip: Your user interface might differ slightly from the user interface in this example, depending on the IBM Security product version.