The Split action splits a string.

For example, if an API returns a set of events as a long string, where each event is separated by a comma or other delimiter, you can split the string to use the PostEvent or PostEvents action.

The following table shows the parameters for the Split action.

Table 1. Split action parameters
Name Data type Required Notes
value String Yes The value to split.
delimiter String No

The delimiter is a regex expression.

Defaults to "newline". If a delimiter is supplied with regex elements, it must be a Java-type regex.

savePath JPath Yes The location to store the result.

XML Example:

This action splits the string "value 1,value 2,value 3" into an array of three strings "value1", "value2", and "value3". The strings are stored in the State at location /values.

<Split value="value 1,value 2,value 3" delimiter="," savePath="/values" />