The Abort action aborts the workflow.

The workflow is aborted immediately, in error. If the terminate flag is false, the workflow resumes on the next recurrence, otherwise it stops until either the event collection service is restarted, or the log source is edited.

The following table shows the parameters for the Abort action.

Table 1. Abort action parameters
Name Data type Required Notes
reason String Yes

The reason why the workflow was aborted. This string displays in the data source status as an error message.

terminate Boolean No

Indicates whether the event retrieval loop is terminated. The default is False.

Use this parameter only in extreme situations. The parameter puts the data source in error and stops it completely. The data source restarts only when the event collection service is restarted, or if the log source is edited.

You can use the terminate parameter to stop the workflow on authentication failure to prevent account lockouts.

XML Example:

This action stops the current execution of the workflow, but it runs again on the next recurrence. Until the data source status is cleared or updated, it includes the following error message:
The password for <user value> has expired.
<Abort reason="The password for '${/user}' has expired." />