Assigning access roles

Control what users can do in the console and applications to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of resources in an account.

Before you begin

Understand user access, roles, and permissions. For more information, see User access, roles, and permissions.

You must have the appropriate permission to see the "Manage users" page in the account and complete the procedure.


  1. In the home page, click the Menu icon.
  2. Under General settings, click User management.
    The Manage users page lists the users in the account.
  3. Click the data row of the user for whom you want to assign, edit, or view the access and permissions.
    A right-side panel is displayed with additional information about the user, including the list of applications and services in the account to which the user is entitled.
  4. Click edit icon, expand the category that you want to edit, and select the appropriate access from those available depending on the category.
  5. Click Save to apply the changes.