Resource definitions

Resource definitions define resources that CICS® requires, such as the initial characteristics of a region and any transactions, programs, and files that a region uses. These definitions are stored in the CICS permanent database, which is on the machine on which CICS is installed. When a CICS region is started, it loads the resource definitions that it needs into its runtime database. When a CICS region is running, it uses its runtime database to control its processing, to track changes to its resources, and to add new resources dynamically.

Resource definitions can be specified on the command line with CICS resource management commands, which are also referred to as resource definition online (RDO) commands, or with operating system tools on some platforms. For some resource definitions there are restrictions on the use of certain characters as described in Restrictions on the use of characters. You can also use shorthand notation for resource definitions. This is explained in Shorthand notation for CICS Resource Definition attributes.

Resource definitions can be divided into three broad classes, as described in Resource definition classes.

A comparison of resource definitions across CICS family is given in Comparison of resource definitions across CICS family members.