IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Version 7.1

DEFINE SUBSCRIPTION (Define a profile subscription)

Use this command on a managed server to subscribe that managed server to a profile.

When a server subscribes to its first profile, a subscription is also created to the default profile (if one exists) of the configuration manager. The server then contacts the configuration manager periodically for configuration updates.

  1. A server cannot subscribe to profiles from more than one configuration manager.
  2. If a server subscribes to a profile with an associated object that is already defined on the server, the local definition is replaced by the definition from the configuration manager. For example, if a server has an administrative schedule named WEEKLY_ BACKUP, then subscribes to a profile that also has an administrative schedule named WEEKLY_BACKUP, the local definition is replaced.

Privilege class

To issue this command, you must have system privilege.


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>>-DEFine SUBSCRIPtion--profile_name---------------------------->



profile_name (Required)
Specifies the name of the profile to which the server subscribes.
Specifies the name of the configuration manager from which the configuration information is obtained. This parameter is required, if the managed server does not have at least one subscription. If the managed server has a subscription, you can omit this parameter and it defaults to the configuration manager for that subscription.

Example: Define a profile subscription

Subscribe a profile named BETA that resides on a configuration manager named TOM.
define subscription beta server=tom

Related commands

Table 1. Commands related to DEFINE SUBSCRIPTION
Command Description
COPY PROFILE Creates a copy of a profile.
DEFINE PROFILE Defines a profile for distributing information to managed servers.
DELETE PROFILE Deletes a profile from a configuration manager.
DELETE SUBSCRIBER Deletes obsolete managed server subscriptions.
DELETE SUBSCRIPTION Deletes a specified profile subscription.
LOCK PROFILE Prevents distribution of a configuration profile.
NOTIFY SUBSCRIBERS Notifies servers to refresh their configuration information.
QUERY PROFILE Displays information about configuration profiles.
QUERY SUBSCRIBER Displays information about subscribers and their subscriptions to profiles.
QUERY SUBSCRIPTION Displays information about profile subscriptions.
SET CONFIGREFRESH Specifies a time interval for managed servers to contact configuration managers.
UNLOCK PROFILE Enables a locked profile to be distributed to managed servers.
UPDATE PROFILE Changes the description of a profile.