IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Version 7.1

DEFINE PROFILE (Define a profile)

Use this command on a configuration manager to define a profile (a set of configuration information) that can be distributed to managed servers.

After defining a profile, you can use the DEFINE PROFASSOCIATION command to specify objects to be distributed to managed servers subscribing to the profile.

Privilege class

To issue this command, you must have system privilege.


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>>-DEFine PROFIle--profile_name--------------------------------->



profile_name (Required)
Specifies the name of the profile. The maximum length of the name is 30 characters.
Specifies a description of the profile. The maximum length of the description is 255 characters. Enclose the description in quotation marks if it contains any blank characters. This parameter is optional.

Example: Define a new profile

Define a profile named ALPHA with a description of "Programming Center."
define profile alpha 
description="Programming Center"

Related commands

Table 1. Commands related to DEFINE PROFILE
Command Description
COPY PROFILE Creates a copy of a profile.
DEFINE PROFASSOCIATION Associates objects with a profile.
DEFINE SUBSCRIPTION Subscribes a managed server to a profile.
DELETE PROFASSOCIATION Deletes the association of an object with a profile.
DELETE PROFILE Deletes a profile from a configuration manager.
LOCK PROFILE Prevents distribution of a configuration profile.
QUERY PROFILE Displays information about configuration profiles.
SET CONFIGMANAGER Specifies whether a server is a configuration manager.
UNLOCK PROFILE Enables a locked profile to be distributed to managed servers.
UPDATE PROFILE Changes the description of a profile.