Windows: Taking the first steps after you install Tivoli Storage Manager

After you install Tivoli® Storage Manager Version 7.1.3, prepare for the configuration. Using the configuration wizard is the preferred method of configuring the Tivoli Storage Manager instance.

About this task

Figure 1. You are in the configuring the Tivoli Storage Manager server section.
The image is a graphical depiction that illustrates that you are in the section for configuring the Tivoli Storage Manager server.
  1. Create the directories and user ID for the server instance. See Windows: Creating the user ID and directories for the server instance.
  2. Configure a Tivoli Storage Manager instance. Select one of the following options:
  3. Configure options to control when database reorganization runs. See Windows: Configuring server options for server database maintenance.
  4. Start the Tivoli Storage Manager server instance if it is not already started.
  5. Register your license. See Windows: Registering licenses.
  6. Prepare your system for database backups. See Windows: Specifying a device class in preparation for database backups.
  7. Monitor the server. See Windows: Monitoring the server.