Estimating the upgrade time

The V5 server is not available for use during upgrade operations. To help plan for the amount of time that the server will be unavailable, estimate the upgrade time. The time that is required to complete the upgrade of a V5 server depends on several factors.

About this task

The following factors can affect the upgrade time:


When you estimate the time it might take to migrate the system, consider the results that were obtained in labs. For example, in benchmark environments in IBM® labs, upgrade operations achieved 5 - 10 GB per hour by using the network method. This rate is based on the amount of space that is used by the V5 database, not the allocated space for the database. Your environment might produce different results. Results are dependent on system configuration. If you use the media method, the rate is decreased.

Estimate the time that is required to migrate your system based on the amount of data in the server database.


Your estimate might be higher than the actual time that is required. Because of the way that databases are structured, the amount of data that the extraction utility extracts might be much less than the total amount of space that is used by the database.

What to do next

Test upgrade operations for Tivoli® Storage Manager servers that are used by essential systems.