Upgrading the server from V5 to V7.1.1

You can upgrade the IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager server directly from Version 5 to Version 7.1.1.

About this task

Tivoli Storage Manager V7 provides a relational database that is based on IBM® DB2® technology. When you upgrade the system from V5 to V7.1.1, you extract the data in a current Tivoli Storage Manager server database and load it into the new database structure. Tivoli Storage Manager provides utilities to complete the process.

Upgrading from V5 to V7.1.1 requires planning, and possibly testing. Start by reviewing what is new in V7.1.1, and collecting information about your current Tivoli Storage Manager servers.
Who should read this information
This information is intended for system administrators who are responsible for upgrading Tivoli Storage Manager V5 servers to V7.1.1. Administrators should have an understanding of the following areas:
  • The operating system and platform that each server runs on
  • Typical administrative operations for Tivoli Storage Manager servers that will be upgraded
  • Storage that is used by the servers that will be upgraded
  • The network that the servers connect to


Review the information about upgrading the server from V5 to V7.1.1. Here is the suggested sequence for using this information:
  1. Read the overview information about the updates to the server: Server database updates overview.
  2. Read the planning information, and the descriptions of the scenarios:
    1. Planning the upgrade of the server
    2. Upgrade scenarios overview
  3. Select the scenario to use, and plan for the hardware, software, and storage space requirements for your server and environment. A worksheet can be used for space planning: Worksheet for planning space for the V7.1.1 server.
  4. Run a test of the upgrade process: Testing the upgrade process for a server. Use the results of the test to refine plans, such as the estimated amount of time that a server will be unavailable because of the upgrade process.
  5. Upgrade the server, following the steps in the scenario that you selected:
  6. Complete the upgrade process by following the steps in the section: