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Configuring the WAREHOUS data source and importing reports

Configure the WAREHOUS data source to connect Tivoli® Common Reporting to the WAREHOUS database and import the Cognos® reports.

Before you begin

Before you run the data source script, ensure that the following tasks are completed:
  • Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager is installed.
  • Jazz for Service Management, which includes Tivoli Common Reporting and WebSphere® Application Server, is installed.
You must know the following values:
  • The password for itmuser.
  • The user name and password for the services management administrator. The default is smadmin.
  • The installation location of Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • The installation location of Jazz for Service Management.

About this task

The data source script imports the Cognos reports and connects Tivoli Common Reporting to the WAREHOUS database. The data source script and the files are in the tools directory of the installation directory.


  1. Open a command line and change to the following directory:
    • AIX operating systemsLinux operating systemsinstall_dir/tools
    • Windows operating systemsinstall_dir\tools
    where install_dir is the Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager installation location.
  2. From a command line, issue the following command:
    • AIX operating systemsLinux operating -j jazzsm_location -u jazzsm_user -p jazzsm_password -i itmuser_password
    • Windows operating systemsdatasource.bat -j jazzsm_location -u jazzsm_user -p jazzsm_password -i itmuser_password
    • jazzsm_location is the installation location for Jazz for Service Management
    • jazzsm_user is the service management administrator ID that was created during the installation of Jazz for Service Management
    • jazzsm_password is the password for jazzsm_user
    • itmuser_password is the password for itmuser
    Tip: If you want to import Cognos reports from a previous setup, use the -r option and specify the location of the compressed reports file.

What to do next

You can run Cognos reports to see historical data from the Tivoli Storage Manager servers that you are monitoring. Go to Running a Cognos report.

For a list of Cognos reports that are available, see Cognos status and trend reports.