Windows operating systems

Installing the Tivoli Storage Manager device driver

The Tivoli® Storage Manager device driver is installed into the driver store through the Device Driver Installation Wizard. The wizard is displayed during the Tivoli Storage Manager device driver package installation.

About this task

Before you install a new version of the Tivoli Storage Manager device driver, uninstall the previous version. Then, complete this procedure during installation of the device driver package.


  1. When the Device Driver Installation Wizard welcome panel displays, select Next and proceed through the panels to install the device drivers.
    Note: During installation, the system might display a Windows Security dialog box that asks if you would like to install the device software. Place a check mark on Always trust software from "IBM® Corporation" and select Install
  2. After your device drivers are installed, the final panel in the wizard is displayed. Select Finish to complete the installation.


After a successful installation, use the Device Manager to configure devices with the Tivoli Storage Manager device driver.