IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Version 7.1

Managing storage pools and volumes

Logical storage pools and storage volumes are the principal components in the Tivoli® Storage Manager model of data storage. By manipulating the properties of these objects, you can optimize the usage of storage devices.

About this task

When you configure devices so that the server can use them to store client data, you create storage pools and storage volumes. The procedures for configuring devices use the set of defaults that provides for storage pools and volumes. The defaults can work well. However, you might have specific requirements not met by the defaults. There are three common reasons to change the defaults:
  • Optimize and control storage device usage by arranging the storage hierarchy and tuning migration through the hierarchy (next storage pool, migration thresholds).
  • Reuse tape volumes through reclamation. Reuse is also related to policy and expiration.
  • Keep a client's files on a minimal number of volumes (collocation).

You can also make other adjustments to tune the server for your systems. See the following sections to learn more. For some quick tips, see Task tips for storage pools.

The examples in topics show how to perform tasks using the Tivoli Storage Manager command-line interface. For information about the commands, see the Administrator's Reference, or issue the HELP command from the command line of a Tivoli Storage Manager administrative client.