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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Version 7.1


The skipacl option allows you to include or exclude access control list (ACL) data during a backup or archive operation; by default, ACL data is included.

When this option is set to yes, the Tivoli® Storage Manager client does not include ACL data when it backs up or archives files and directories. The default is no, which enables the ACL data to be included when objects are copied to the server. You should only set the skipacl to yes when ACLs are not defined on the file system, or when you are certain that you do not need the ACL data when the files are retrieved or restored.

Supported Clients

This option is valid for all UNIX and Linux clients. On Linux and AIX systems, setting skipacl to yes also omits the extended attributes.

Options File

Place this option in the client user options (dsm.opt) file.


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If you specify No, the ACL data is backed up. This is the default.
If you specify Yes, the ACL data is not backed up, and consequently, it cannot be restored. skipacl=yes overrides skipaclupdatecheck settings.


Options file:
skipacl yes