IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Version 7.1

Turning data deduplication on or off for a storage pool

If you turn data deduplication off for a storage pool by updating the storage pool definition, new data that enters the storage pool is not deduplicated.

About this task

Deduplicated data, which was in the storage pool before you turned off data deduplication, is not reassembled. Deduplicated data continues to be removed due to normal reclamation and deletion. All information about data deduplication for the storage pool is retained.


To turn off data deduplication for a storage pool, use the UPDATE STGPOOL command and specify DEDUPLICATE=NO.

What to do next

If you turn data deduplication on for the same storage pool, duplicate-identification processes resume, skipping any files that are previously processed. You can change the number of duplicate-identification processes. When you are calculating the number of duplicate-identification processes to specify, consider the workload on the server and the amount of data that requires data deduplication. The number of duplicate-identification processes must not exceed the number of processor cores available on the IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager server.

To enable data deduplication for a storage pool, specify DEDUPLICATE=YES on the UPDATE STGPOOL command.