IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Version 7.1

AIX: Server language locales

Use either the default language package option or select another language package to display server messages and help.

AIX operating systems This language package is automatically installed for the following default language option for Tivoli® Storage Manager server messages and help:
  • AIX operating systems LANGUAGE en_US
For languages or locales other than the default, install the language package that your installation requires.
You can use the languages that are shown:
AIX operating systems
Table 1. Server languages for AIX®
Language LANGUAGE option value
Chinese, Simplified zh_CN
Chinese, Simplified (UTF-8) ZH_CN
Chinese, Traditional (Big5) Zh_TW
Chinese, Traditional (UTF-8) ZH_TW
Chinese, Traditional (euc_tw) zh_TW
English en_US
English (UTF-8) EN_US
French fr_FR
French (UTF-8) FR_FR
German de_DE
German (UTF-8) DE_DE
Italian it_IT
Italian (UTF-8) IT_IT
Japanese, EUC ja_JP
Japanese, PC Ja_JP
Japanese, UTF8 JA_JP
Korean ko_KR
Korean (UTF-8) KO_KR
Portuguese, Brazilian pt_BR
Portuguese, Brazilian (UTF-8) PT_BR
Russian ru_RU
Russian (UTF-8) RU_RU
Spanish es_ES
Spanish (UTF-8) ES_ES
  • For more information about setting the LANGUAGE option, see LANGUAGE.
AIX operating systems Restriction: For Operations Center users, some characters might not be displayed properly if the web browser does not use the same language as the server. If this problem occurs, set the browser to use the same language as the server.