What happens when an IBM.ServiceIP is started?

If the resource manager is able to assign the IP address on the selected network interface, the following functions will be carried out:
  1. On Linux® on System z® with OSA network hardware an IP address takeover will be initiated for the specified IP address.
  2. The ServiceIP is created as an IP alias on the selected network device.
  3. To invalidate ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache entries of other IP host which may have the ServiceIP with a wrong hardware address (MAC address) in their cache, an unsolicited/gratuitous ARP packet is broadcast into the network. (Not applicable for IPv6 addresses.)
  4. There is a system log message created to record the fact a ServiceIP is started on the specified network interface.
Also note that
  • An IP address alias may generate a new entry in the system routing table of the host (in case the ServiceIP network differ form the network of the device).
  • The IBM.ServiceIP will not modify your default gateway settings or other network/routing configurations.