Using Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Feature Code 1951/1952

Feature Code 1951/1952 provides 2 PDUs to power the TS4500 tape library.

Figure 1 shows a five frame library that is powered by using 2 PDUs (each FC 1951/1952 includes 2 PDUs, for redundancy) which are installed at the bottom of Frame 4. FC 1951/1952 can provide power for up to a total of three frames that are no more than three frames away from the PDUs. In this example, Frame 1 is three frames away from the PDUs in Frame 4.

The PDU requires two 200-240 vac power receptacles and a 30 amp circuit breaker. In this example, the customer only needs to provide two 30 amp rated outlets (one for each PDU in the FC 1951/1952) to power the entire library. The specific type of outlet that is required is determined by the specific power cord feature (FC 9954 through 9959, and 9966) that was ordered with the FC 1951 or (FC 9954 through 9958, and 9948) for FC 1952 (See  3 , and  4  in Figure 1). The FC1951/1952 includes two internal power cords that power the frame where the PDUs are installed (Frame 4). The customer must order FC9989 (two 4.3-m power cords) for each powered frame that attaches to the PDUs. In this example, FC9989 would be ordered for Frame1, and Frame 5.

The fiber channel switches that are installed (In this example, Frame 5) plug directly into the PDU in the adjacent frame. Two of the power supply cables from the switches  1  plug into one PDU, and the other power cables  2  plug into the other PDU for redundancy. With this example of the switches plugged directly into the PDUs, the switches and PDUs must be in adjacent frames. For configurations that require the switches and PDUs to be 2 or 3 frames away from each other, the bifurcated power cords extensions must be used.

Referring to  4 , the customer must specify the feature codes for the proper power cord type for their geographic location. The power cord feature codes that are used with FC1951 are FC9954 through 9959, and 9966. The power cord feature codes that are used with FC1952 are FC9954 through 9958, and 9948.

Figure 1. Power configuration with Feature Code 1951/1952 (rear view of the library)