Pre-call checklist

If you have questions or problems with the library, complete these steps before a call to IBM technical support is placed.

Note: Where instructions refer you to the web, go to
  1. If you suspect the tape drive needs to be replaced, first go to the section called READ and FOLLOW before replacing drives
  2. Verify that you exhausted all troubleshooting options. See Troubleshooting Guide.
  3. Collect library logs. See Locating Management functions.
  4. Verify that the library and drive firmware is at the most recent level. See Locating Management functions.
  5. Verify that your device drivers are at the most recent level.
    • For the current release of IBM® device drivers, see
    • For the current release of device drivers by independent software vendors (ISVs), go to the appropriate third-party website.
  6. Verify whether your hardware and software configuration is supported.
  7. Check the hardware and connections:
    • Ensure that the host interface cable connector does not contain bent or recessed pins.
    • Ensure that all retention screws for the host interface cable and terminator are securely tightened.
    • Verify the host connection. See Verifying the host connection.
    If you still have a problem after these steps are completed, see Contacting IBM technical support.