Isolating a failed power supply

When there is a power supply fault, error messages identify which module has the faulty supply.

The library graphic on the GUI Library Dashboard shows which module has the faulty supply. Power Supplies do not have a UID, but the UID for the module with the failing power supply can be turned on. If there is a single power supply in a module, that supply needs to be replaced. The fault is confirmed by the lights on the back of the supply. If there are two redundant power supplies installed in a module, the library cannot determine which supply has the fault. In this case, the lights on the power supplies must be used to determine which one has the fault. When all power cords are properly attached and AC power is confirmed good and the library is powered up, both white and green LEDs should be on. If either LED is off, the power supply must be replaced. White indicates that the AC power is plugged in and Green indicates that the library is turned on and the power supply is producing DC power. If one of the LEDs is off, make sure that the library is turned on and that the power supplies are inserted properly. Double check the AC power source and power cords before you replace the supply.