Contacting IBM technical support

Follow the procedures to contact IBM technical support.

Important: This tape library is a customer installed unit. The customer is responsible for the setup and maintenance of the tape library. The customer is charged for service if a service contract is not in place.
  • Complete the steps in Pre-call checklist before a call is placed to IBM® technical support.
  • Before IBM technical support is called, the customer is responsible for following published LTO diagnostic procedures, including any needed update to the current level of firmware.
  • The IBM Support Center assists with problem determination and can initiate shipment of a replacement part, if needed, to the customer’s location. Transportation costs, both ways, are paid by IBM. The replacement part becomes the property of the customer in exchange for the failed part, which becomes the property of IBM. The customer is responsible for packing the failed part into the shipping carton that contained the replacement part. Failure to return the failed part to IBM within 30 days results in a bill sent to the customer for the new list price. The customer is responsible for installing and setting up all replacement parts.
  • Failure to use the carton in which the replacement part was received, or failure to properly pack the returned part, can result in charges that are incurred for damage to the failed part during shipment.
  • Before you call technical support, follow these steps that help you take full advantage of your call.
    1. Be prepared to provide
      • Machine type and Model name
      • Serial number of the library
      • Hardware configuration, including firmware versions, drive types, modules
      • Type of host, operating system version, device driver information, software application, and version, clock speed, RAM, network type, network version
      • A brief description of the problem, including Event Ticket information.
    2. Review all documentation carefully. (Experience demonstrates that most questions are answered in your documentation).
    3. Be prepared to explain whether the software or hardware worked properly anytime in the past. Have you changed anything recently?
    4. Pinpoint the exact location of your problem, if possible. Note the steps that led to the problem. Can you duplicate the problem or is it a one-time occurrence?
    5. Note any host error messages displayed. Write down the exact error message.
    6. If possible, call while at your computer, with the library installed and turned on.
  • The IBM Support Center assists with problem determination and initiates shipment of a replacement part, if needed, to your location. To contact IBM technical support:
    • In the US: 1-800-IBM_SERV (1-800-426-7378).
    • All other Countries or Regions:
    • Select your country, then under Technical Support, click Open Service Request.