Configuration parameters

The configuration parameters are used to set the operating mode of the tape drive and device driver when a device is opened. The installation defaults are provided for all parameters initially. These parameters are kept on reopen, but are always restored back to the default values when the lin_tape device driver is reinstalled.
Note: This procedure is completed with tape diagnostic and utility functions. See IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool (ITDT).
The nonchangeable configuration parameters are
  • Autoloading
  • Density code
  • Emulate autoloader
  • Hook word
  • Maximum block size
  • Minimum block size
  • Medium type
  • Read SILI bit
  • Record space mode
  • Volume ID for logging
  • Write protect
The changeable configuration parameters are
  • Barcode length
  • Block size
  • Buffered mode
  • Capacity scaling
  • Compression
  • Disable auto drive dump
  • Disable SIM logging
  • Dynamic attributes
  • Logging
  • Logical write protect
  • Maximum SCSI transfer length
  • Read past filemark
  • Rewind immediate
  • Trace
  • Trailer labels
  • Busy Retry