Comparing IBMtape and lin_tape

Table 1 compares the names for various components of the IBMtape and lin_tape device drivers.

Table 1. Comparing IBMtape and lin_tape
Component IBMtape Lin_tape
Driver name IBMtape lin_tape
Module name IBMtape.ko lin_tape.ko
Special files /dev/IBMtape0

/dev/IBMchanger0, and so on.

No change
Proc entry /proc/scsi/IBMtape


No change
Daemon name IBMtaped lin_taped
Daemon configuration file /etc/IBMtaped.conf /etc/lin_taped.conf
Daemon trace files /var/log/IBMtape.trace




Lin_tape join driver installs pfo.ko, an extra lin_tape module that is idle for non-sfmp configurations, and blacklist-pfo.conf at the location /etc/modprobe.d for pfo module load control.