Manual cartridge removal procedure

Follow this procedure if a cartridge must be manually removed and repaired.

  • It is recommended that the drive and tape be returned to IBM for removal and recovery.
  • If the cartridge in the drive is an INPUT tape that contains ACTIVE or 'ONLY COPY' data (no backup), eject commands that are issued at the host fail to unload the tape, and power-cycling the drive fails to eject the cartridge, make no further attempts to unload this tape. Call Technical Support and open a PMR if one is not already open, to initiate the process of sending the drive with the loaded cartridge in for recovery.
  • These procedures must be completed only by a trained IBM® service provider. SSRs claim their time against service code 33 ECA 013 when they complete this procedure.
  • Inform the customer that the following procedure has high risk of damaging the drive and high risk of not being able to recover the data.
  • A drive brick transfer to another drive sled is NOT POSSIBLE with this library.