Accessibility features help a user who has a physical disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use the HTML version of the customer documentation successfully.


The major accessibility features for the HTML version of this document are:
  • You can use screen-reader software and a digital speech synthesizer to hear what is displayed on the screen. The following screen readers are tested: WebKing and Window-Eyes.
  • You can operate all features with the keyboard instead of the mouse.

Navigating by keyboard

You can use keys or key combinations to complete operations and initiate many menu actions that are also done through mouse actions. You can navigate the HTML version of the IBM® TS4300 Tape Library User's Guide help system from the keyboard with the following key combinations:
  • To traverse to the next link, button, or topic, press Tab inside a frame (page).
  • To move to the previous topic, press ^ or Shift+Tab.
  • To scroll all the way up or down, press Home or End.
  • To print the current page or active frame, press Ctrl+P.
  • To select, press Enter.

Accessing the publications

You can view the publications for this library in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The PDFs are provided at the following website: .