Open error codes

The following codes apply to open operations.
[EACCES] The open requires write access when the cartridge loaded in the drive is physically write-protected.
[EAGAIN] The device was already open when an open was attempted.
[EBUSY] The device was reserved by another initiator or an excessively busy state was encountered.
[EINVAL] The operation that is requested has invalid parameters or an invalid combination of parameters, or the device is rejecting open commands.
[EIO] An I/O error occurred that indicates a failure to operate the device. Run failure analysis.
[ENOMEM] Insufficient memory was available for an internal memory operation.
[EPERM] One of the following situations occurred:
  • An open operation with the O_RDWR or O_WRONLY flag was attempted on a write-protected tape.
  • A write operation was attempted on a device that was opened with the O_RDONLY flag.