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About this task

When a tape drive error is reported by the library, the drive produces a memory dump and saves it in Random Access Memory (RAM). If the library or drive is powered OFF, this information is lost. To preserve this information for analysis by IBM Technical Support, the drive memory dump must be copied to the drive's flash memory. Complete the following steps to write a drive memory dump to flash memory.


  1. Log in to the Management GUI.
  2. Attempt to remove the cartridge with the device power ON and with library manager, a host application, or the Unload button. Press and hold Unload for 12 seconds. This action causes the drive to eject the cartridge when it completes the midtape recovery
  3. Ensure that the operator issued the appropriate application commands to complete a rewind and unload of the cartridge. This procedure is to ensure that the stuck cartridge is not because of a hang condition in the application
  4. Attempt to remove the cartridge by power-cycling the drive. Look for the drive to attempt a midtape recovery.
    Note: It can take 5 minutes to 1 hour (depending on cartridge type (LTO 5, and so on) and how much of the tape is spooled out of the cartridge) for the cartridge to rewind and unload.
  5. If the cartridge unloads, inform the operator that the cartridge is unloaded. If the cartridge does not unload, repeat steps 2 and 3 before this procedure is continued.
    Note: If the cartridge in the drive is an INPUT tape that contains ACTIVE or 'ONLY COPY' data (there is no backup), eject commands that are issued at the host fail to unload the tape, and power-cycling the drive fails to eject the cartridge, make no further attempts to unload this tape. Call Technical Support and open a PMR if one is not already open, to initiate the process of sending the drive with the loaded cartridge in for recovery.