Reservation conflict logging

When the device driver receives a reservation conflict during open or after the device is opened, it logs a reservation conflict in the Windows eventlog. Before the error is logged, the device driver issues a Persistent Reserve In command. This action determines whether a SCSI Persistent Reservation is active on the reserving host to get the reserving host initiator WWPN (worldwide port name). If successful, the device driver logs this information as follows.
Reserving host key: kkkkkkkk WWPN: xxxxxxxx
Where kkkkkkkk is the actual reserve key and xxxxxxxx is the reserving host initiator WWPN.

After initially logging the reserving host WWPN, subsequent reservation conflicts from the same reserving host WWPN are not logged. This action prevents multiple entries in the error log until the reserving host WWPN is different from the one initially logged. Or, the device driver reserved the device and then another reservation conflict occurs.