This command returns the information about the currently installed Atape driver.

The following data structure is filled out and returned by the driver.
struct driver_info {
   uchar dd_name[16];               /* Atape driver name (Atape)          */
   uchar dd_version[16];            /* Atape driver version e.g. */
   uchar os[16];                    /* Operating System (AIX)             */
   uchar os_version[32];            /* Running OS Version e.g. 6.1        */
   uchar sys_arch[16];              /* Sys Architecture (POWER or others) */
   uchar reserved[32];              /* Reserved for IBM Development Use   */
An example of the SIOC_DRIVER_INFO command is
#include <sys/Atape.h>

int sioc_driver_info()
  struct driver_info dd_info;

  printf("Issuing driver info...\n");

  if (!ioctl (fd, SIOC_DRIVER_INFO, &dd_info))
     printf("Driver Name:      %s\n",dd_info.dd_name);
     printf("Driver Version:   %s\n",dd_info.dd_version);
     printf("Operating System: %s\n",dd_info.os);
     printf("OS Version:       %s\n",dd_info.os_version);
     printf("System Arch:      %s\n",dd_info.sys_arch);
     return errno;