The IBM® TS4300 tape library provides compact, high-capacity, low-cost solutions for simple, unattended data backup. The installation begins with the 3U high Base Module, with capacity for up to 40 tape cartridges and 3 half-height LTO tape drives, or one full-height and one half-height tape drive.

Each module type has its special designation.
Table 1. Module designations
MTM Description
3555-L3A Base Module
3555-E3A Expansion Module
Figure 1 shows a two-module version of the tape library. The library on the left shows the base module above the expansion module. The library on the right shows the base module below the expansion module. An individual library can consist of one base module and up to six expansion modules. See Structure and supported library configurations for supported configurations.
Figure 1. Two module tape library
Two module tape library
The library provides the following capabilities:
  • New user interface for improved usability
  • Updated library communication system
  • I/O magazines to allow individual cartridge handling to be done independent of the library.
  • Mixed media types
  • Integrated management tools
  • Scalability to seven modules
  • Remote management with the management GUI
  • Remote monitoring with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Multipath architecture
  • Host-based path failover
  • Sequential Mode option
Table 2. Minimum and maximum storage configurations
Configuration Capacity
1 Module Library
Base Module only
35 with 5-slot I/O 1
Half height3 Tape Drives 3
Full height4 Tape Drives 1
Half height3/Full height4 Tape Drive Mix 1/1
7 Module Library
Base Module
6 Expansion Modules
275 with 5-slot I/O1
Half height3 Tape Drives 21
Full height4 Tape Drives 7
Half height3/Full height4 Tape Drive Mix
Nineteen half-height drives
to one full-height drive, or
Seven half-height drives
to seven full-height drives
  • 1Every module can contain a 5-slot I/O station. If a seven module library has an I/O station for each module, the maximum number of slots that can be configured as I/O slots are 35.
  • 2For libraries with serial numbers before 7800K0K, capacity in lowest module for a 5-slot I/O station is 32 slots and for a 4-slot I/O station is 28 slots.
  • 3Half-height tape drives can be installed in any drive bay in a module.
  • 4Full-height tape drives must be installed in the lowest two bays of a module. Installing a full-height drive in the top two bays of a module is not supported.