Write-Protect switch

The position of the write-protect switch on the tape cartridge determines whether you can write to the tape.

If the switch ( 1 ) is set to:
  • The locked position Write-protect switch in locked position (solid red). Data cannot be written to the tape.
  • The unlocked position (black void). Data can be written to the tape.

If possible, use your server's application software to write-protect your cartridges (rather than manually setting the write-protect switch). This setting allows the server's software to identify a cartridge that no longer contains current data and is eligible to become a scratch (blank) data cartridge. Do not write-protect scratch (blank) cartridges; the tape drive is not able to write new data to them.

If you must manually set the write-protect switch, slide it left or right to the wanted position.

Figure 1. Setting the write-protect switch
Setting the write-protect switch
Table 1. Location of the write-protect switch
 1  Write-protect switch