Cleaning cartridge

A specially labeled IBM® LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge is used to clean the drive head.

The drive itself determines when a head must be cleaned. It alerts you when the single-character display (SCD) flashes a C. To clean the head manually, insert a cleaning cartridge into the tape load compartment. The drive completes the cleaning automatically. When the cleaning is finished, the drive ejects the cartridge, and the SCD is blank.
Note: The drive automatically ejects an expired cleaning cartridge without running the cleaning process. Replace the expired cleaning cartridge with a new cleaning cartridge and insert it into the drive.

The IBM cleaning cartridges are valid for 50 uses. The cartridge's LTO-CM chip tracks the number of times that the cartridge is used.

Important: After 50 uses, the cleaning cartridge expires. It is no longer usable, and must be replaced