Full height drive: Tape spooled off supply reel

About this task

Note: If the cartridge in the drive is an INPUT tape that contains ACTIVE or 'ONLY COPY' data (there is no backup), eject commands that are issued at the host fail to unload the tape, and power-cycling the drive fails to eject the cartridge, make no further attempts to unload this tape. Call Technical Support and open a PMR if one is not already open, to initiate the process of sending the drive with the loaded cartridge in for recovery.


  1. With the front of the drive facing you, pull an arm's length of tape out of the take up reel from the left side of the drive.
  2. From the take up reel, thread tape around the rear of the tape path and over the head and rollers on the left side of the drive.
  3. Set the drive on its left side with the head and tape path facing up.
  4. Moisten a cotton swab with water and wet approximately 13 mm (0.5 in.) of the tape end and feed it onto the supply reel (inside the cartridge).
  5. From the bottom of the drive, insert a 2.5 mm offset hex wrench through the bottom cover access hole and into the reel motor axle.
    Figure 1. The hex wrench rewinds tape into cartridge
    The hex wrench rewinds tape into cartridge
  6. Turn the supply reel clockwise, allowing the moistened tape to adhere to the hub as it winds around the supply reel (inside the cartridge).
  7. Continue spooling into the cartridge until the tape is taut and remains within the flanges of the tape guiding rollers. Ensure that you do not stretch the tape.
  8. Go to Ending procedure.