Solaris operating systems

Rescan might take 6-8 minutes, depending on the numbers of host adapters and devices attached.

The known scan limitations: SCSI ID 0-255, LUN 0-10.

If the IBM® Tape Device Driver is not installed on Solaris 10, tape devices might not be found during scan although they are configured in sgen.conf. When this event occurs, complete the following steps to configure the devices:
  1. Check the current driver bindings for IBM tape drives and changers by entering the following commands:
    # egrep "scsiclass,01" /etc/driver_aliases        (for drives)
    # egrep "scsiclass,08" /etc/driver_aliases        (for changers)
  2. Modify the /etc/driver_alias file to comment all lines not starting with sgen and containing identification of your drives and changers. Examples:
    #st "scsiclass,01"                      (all tape drives)
    #st "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULT3580-TD4"    (IBM tape drive model ULT3580-TD4)
    #st "scsiclass,08"                      (all changers)
    #st "scsiclass,08.vIBM.p3573-TL"        (IBM changer model 3573-TL)
  3. Check that the configured drives are not configured for st driver by entering the following command:
    # cfgadm -al
    If the tape drive is claimed by st device driver, an entry with cxx:rmt/y, is displayed, for example:
    c11::rmt/0        tape         connected    configured   unknown
  4. Add sgen driver aliases with one of the following commands:
    # update_drv -a -i '"scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULT3580-HH4"' sgen
      (adds sgen alias for IBM drive, model ULT3580-HH4)
    # update_drv -a -i '"scsiclass,01"' sgen
      (adds sgen alias for all drives attached to the system)
    # update_drv -a -i '"scsiclass,08.vIBM.pULT3581-TA2"' sgen
      (adds sgen alias for IBM changer, model ULT3581-TA2)
    # update_drv -a -i '"scsiclass,08"' sgen
      (adds sgen alias for all changers attached to the system)
  5. Check that the drives and changers are now configured with the following command:
    # cfgadm -al
  6. If the drives or changers are not listed in the output of 'cfgadm -al', reboot the system and verify the list of configured devices with the command:
    # cfgadm -al