All supported operating systems

This section describes the known issues and limitations of the ITDT-SE program on all other supported operating systems.

Prevent/Allow Medium Removal is missing as a Tape Drive option. But, it can still be completed by using the [56] Prevent/Allow Medium Removal option for tape libraries while the tape device is opened.

User Interface issues

If you press the arrow keys on most UNIX operating system consoles, the input is ignored after Enter is pressed.

When the Tab key is pressed as an input string for field data, the user interface is corrupted.

Make sure that field input does not start with a number followed by space and extra text. This input is interpreted as an entry to a specific row in the field. To avoid this issue, use an underscore character ( _ ) instead of the space character.

Command timeout

There is no instant operation termination upon SCSI command timeout; for example, when the SCSI cable is unplugged after POST A is started.

When a command timeout condition occurs, ITDT might still continue to complete more operations (like unmounting the cartridge) instead of instantly terminating with a timeout condition.

TS3310 tape libraries

Library Firmware Update with ITDT-SE and ITDT-GE is not supported by the TS3310 libraries. Update the firmware by using the Web User Interface for those libraries.