Configuring and deconfiguring Path Failover support

Control path failover (CPF) support is enabled automatically by default when the IBMtape device driver is installed on Solaris system. The Solaris IBMtape device driver provides a driver configuration parameter failover for you to enable or disable the library control path failover support. To enable the CPF support for all of the paths, no action is required. To disable the CPF support for all of the paths or a particular path, use the following steps.

  1. To disable CPF support for all the paths, add and set the failover parameter to off at the beginning of IBMtape.conf file in the directory of /usr/kernel/drv.
  2. To disable a particular path, add and set the failover parameter to Off in the path entry in IBMtape.conf file. For example, name="IBMtape" class="scsi" target=3 lun=1 failover=0;
  3. Stop the TMD (tape monitor daemon) from running on the system and unload the IBMtape driver module from the current kernel.
    # /opt/IBMtape/tmd -s
    # /usr/sbin/rem_drv IBMtape
  4. Reload the IBMtape driver module in the kernel and start the daemon.
    # /usr/sbin/add_drv -m ’ 0666 bin bin’ IBMtape
    # /opt/IBMtape/tmd