Guidelines for bar code labels

Apply some basic guidelines when you use bar code labels for your data cartridges.

  • Use only IBM-approved bar code labels on cartridges to be used in an IBM® tape library.
  • Do not reuse a label or reapply a used label over an existing label.
  • Before you apply a new label, remove the old label by slowly pulling it at a right angle to the cartridge case.
  • Use peel-clean labels that do not leave a residue after it is removed. If there is glue residue on the cartridge, remove it by gently rubbing it with your finger. Do not use a sharp object, water, or a chemical to clean the label area.
  • Examine the label before it is applied to the cartridge. Do not use the label if it has voids or smears in the printed characters or bar code. A library 's inventory operation takes much longer if the bar code label is not readable.
  • Remove the label from the label sheet carefully. Do not stretch the label or cause the edges to curl.
  • Position the label within the recessed label area (see  5  in Figure 1).
  • With light finger pressure, smooth the label so that no wrinkles or bubbles exist on its surface.
  • Verify that the label is smooth and parallel, and has no roll-up or roll-over. The label must be flat to within 0.5 mm (0.02 in.) over the length of the label and have no folds, missing pieces, or smudges.
  • Do not place other machine-readable labels on other surfaces of the cartridge. They might interfere with the ability of the drive to load the cartridge.