Preinstallation considerations

Follow these steps to install or update IBMtape. Before the step-by-step procedure is started, note the following general considerations.
  • Differential SCSI-2 support must exist on the machine before IBMtape is installed. Install and configure one of the supported differential SCSI adapters first, then return to this section. Refer to the differential SCSI adapter documentation for instructions on installing the adapter and adapter driver.
  • You must have root authority to install or remove IBMtape.
  • You can restart the system as part of the IBMtape installation. Take appropriate precautions that this action does not adversely affect users or active processes on the system.
  • As a consequence of installing or reinstalling IBMtape, device special file numbers under /dev/rmt might change. These numbers are assigned by Solaris during the driver attachment process, and the sequencing cannot be specified by the device driver or installer.
Note: At the time of this writing, Solaris IBMtape driver does not yet support LTO 7. Check the Fixlist on FixCentral for updates on LTO 7 support.