Installing a tabletop module

Installation of a one module library (Base Module only) can be completed without special hardware.

Before you begin

When unpacking a tabletop module, confirm that you received the following components:
  1. Base Module
  2. Power cord (IBM FC: 9800-9848 are not a part of the shipment unless ordered. For more information see, Optional features.)
  3. Feet kit

About this task

This procedure is meant to help the user in installing table feet to the module.
Important: Do not add feet to a rack-mounted module.


  1. Remove the Base Module from the box.
  2. Put the packing foam which came with the shipment on the table.
  3. Place the module top side down over the packing foam on the table.
  4. Add feet to the base of the module. See Figure 1.
    Attention: Ensure that the table feet does not cover any air holes at the base of the module.
    Figure 1. Table feet
  5. Place the module at the required location, with top side up. Ensure that it is level.
  6. Open the cover and remove the foam packing from inside the enclosure. See Removing inner foam from base module.
  7. Replace the cover.
  8. Plug in the power cord and the connecting cables.