Installing modules in a rack

Rackmount installation procedure.

About this task

Modules are easy to install in racks that are compliant to the EIA 310A Standard, when at least 1 meter deep. You need a #2 Phillips screwdriver for this process.
Note: Install modules from the bottom to the top. Refer to Structure and supported library configurations for the correct configuration of Base and Expansion Modules.

View the videos for a demonstration on how to install the modules:

To locate the rail locations when multiple modules are installed.
  1. Locate the bottom of the lowest full U where the lowest module is installed.
  2. Continue identifying the locations for any additional module 3U higher.
    To install the rails into the rack, starting from the lowest rack location.
    1. Locate the four universal rack connectors, four Philips screws, and two rackmount rails (LH and RH).
      Note: The universal rack connectors have two sides, for round hole and square hole racks. The square-hole side might be painted.
      Figure 1. Universal rack connector
      Universal rack connector
    2. On the inside of the racks, facing out, mount the connectors at the appropriate height to the right and left rack posts. Mount them in the middle hole of the height unit (the middle of a height unit is the hole between two wide and neighboring division bars) in both front and back. The four screw holes must align with the holes on your rack. If they do not, the blocks are not in the correct location. See Figure 2 and Figure 3.
      Note: If the connectors are installed incorrectly, the screws on the connectors do not match the holes on the frames. The circles in the graphics highlight the mismatch.
      Figure 2. Incorrect connector locations
      Incorrect connector locations
      Figure 3. Correct connector locations
      Correct connector locations
    3. Repeat step b on the right and left rack posts in the rear of the rack.
    4. Mount the LH Rackmount rail to the connectors. See Figure 4.
    5. Repeat step d with the RH Rackmount Rail.
      Figure 4. Mounting the rails to the connectors
      Mounting the rail to the connectors
      Figure 5. Side rails installed
      Side rails installed
  3. Place the library at the front of the rack on the support angles of the rails and push it into the rack to the back stop.
    Figure 6. Sliding the library into the rack
    Sliding the library into the rack
  4. If you are installing multiple modules, verify that this module is installed directly above or below its adjacent module and is contained within the correct 3U volume. Remove the tape that is covering the alignment pin lock/unlock lever on the rear of each module. The gap between modules must be less than 4 mm.
    Figure 7. Library in the rack
    Library in the rack
    Important: Each module must be on its own rails.
  5. With a Phillips screwdriver, loosely screw the module to the front of the rack, one screw on each side. See the circled areas in Figure 7.
  6. Align the module as needed. Then, tighten the screws on each side of the module. See Aligning and connecting modules.
  7. Repeat steps 2 - 6 to install the rest of the modules into the rack.