Event codes

Events are used in the library Ticket and Event system to store all types of events with a unique event code and event description.

Event Reporting System

These event codes are shown on the user interfaces as the resulting code for any type of event at the highest level of information. No internal error code is shown at this level.

Events are sent by the library to different recipients like SNMP targets or email notification. These events have a common structure and unique codes for every type of event.

The event code system is used for the following events:
  • Error event (2XXX)
  • Warning event (4XXX)
  • Configuration event (8XXX)
  • Informational event (9XXX)

Event code structure

Example event code
Event: 2057 - Robotics shipping lock in incorrect position
The event log with the library also includes a date and time stamp for each event. Press the associated time stamp to see the event code and a description of the event. The date and time format can be changed in the Date/Time Format section in the Management GUI.
  • mm.dd.yyyy
  • dd.mm.yyyy
  • yyyy.mm.dd
The time format can be set for 12 hours or 24 hours.
  • 12 hour: hh.mm.ss am/pm
  • 24 hour: hh.mm.ss
  • yyyy is the year.
  • mm is the month.
  • dd is the current day.
  • hh is hours.
  • mm is minutes.
  • ss is seconds.

Resolving an error code

  1. Record the error information that is displayed on the Operator Panel display or Management GUI screen.
  2. If possible, cycle library power and retry the operation.
    • If the error does not recur, run Library Verify before normal library operation is continued.
  3. If the error recurs, click the event to see its details. If available, click Troubleshooting on the Event Ticket Details screen to get suggestions on how to fix the error. Click OK to close the Event Ticket Details screen.
  4. When the proposed solution is applied, run Library Verify before normal library operation is continued.

Complete the steps in Resolving an error code before you complete the User Action that is listed in the various Event Codes.